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How Vernon House Painters Help You Pick the Right Exterior Paint Colour

Posted by on June 5, 2013 in Blog | Comments Off on How Vernon House Painters Help You Pick the Right Exterior Paint Colour

Picking a paint colour for the exterior of your house is a huge decision: Painting a house is a big job, and you’€™re going to be looking at your choice for years to come. Vernon house painters like me can help you choose a colour you’€™re going to love because it looks great and it makes sense.

If you’€™re wondering how to choose the exterior paint colour for your house, Vernon painters consider these factors first:

Choosing the right colour for your home's exterior is an important decision. Why not ask Above & Beyond for advice during a free colour consultation?

Choosing the right colour for your home’s exterior is an important decision. Why not ask Vernon house painters at Above & Beyond for advice during a free colour consultation?

1. Your style

Are you going for an elegant look or something more eclectic? Often I can get a sense of  homeowners tastes and colour palette preferences by sitting down with them in their home, but just because they have a red sofa doesn’€™t mean they should paint their siding red.

Even if you have a vibrant style and you’€™re drawn to primary colours, a Vernon painting company might suggest incorporating those colours in the trim, shutters or door so you can add a touch of your personality while keeping the body of your home a little more neutral for future buyers and lasting appeal.

2. Your structure

In order for your home to look and feel balanced, the paint colour should complement its materials €”brick, stone work, etc. Your shingles should also go with the colour you’€™re choosing. The landscape is worth considering too: If you’€™re surrounded by pines or a lake, earthy colours will help your home blend with the natural environment.

3.  Your inside

The overall look of your home inside and outside should be seamless. House painters can help you achieve a sense of harmony when hues from the same colour palette are reproduced on both sides of the door. Look at some of your favourite fabrics and objects for clues about colours that really speak to you and that will suit both you and your house on the exterior as well.

4. Your neighbourhood

You don’€™t have to and shouldn’€™t want to copy or appease your neighbours with your exterior paint colour. When we’€™re at a residential painting colour consultation, we consider neighbours€™ homes more to get a sense of the feel of the neighbourhood so your colour choice can complement the rest of the block. Ultimately, it’€™s going to result in better curb appeal and higher home resale values for all of you, so it’€™s worth considering working with your neighbours€™ palette and the era of your homes.

When you need a Vernon painting company to help you choose an exterior colour or to get rolling, contact Above & Beyond Painting & Repairs. Our Vernon house painters offer superior results to make your house your own. Call for your FREE estimate today!