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Wallpaper and Paint: Tips from a Vernon Painting Company to Bring Them Together

Posted by on February 3, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Wallpaper and Paint: Tips from a Vernon Painting Company to Bring Them Together

Accent walls are one of the top home decor trends at the moment, but it can be tricky trying to figure out how to combine both paint and wallpaper in the same room. Our Vernon painting company has done a number of rooms with accent walls lately, and we thought we’d share a few of our top tips to make this trend work in your home.

Why is wallpaper back? It’s striking. It gives a room texture and personality and a narrative. It’s luxurious. For all those reasons, many homeowners find creating an accent wall the best way to incorporate wallpaper into a room. But then there are challenges and questions: How do I choose wallpaper that will work with my paint? Which colours? Which pattern?

To help you on your journey to the ideal accent wall, here are our Vernon painting company’s top tips.

How to Combine Paint and Wallpaper

1. Choose a print that will compliment yet contrast your paint 

Let’s say your walls are blue. Since your other three walls have a solid colour, you’d then want to look for a wallpaper that’s got a print or a pattern to contrast the solid blue. That said, the colour(s) in the wallpaper need to work with the paint, but not be the same.

In the photo below, you can see how this bold black and white wallpaper pattern both compliments and contrasts the blue walls.


 2. Be Bold 

If you’re wallpapering a single accent wall rather than an entire room or floor, don’t be afraid to go for a dramatic pattern or colours. Think of the wallpaper as a painting that’s going to be a bit of an expression of who you are and something that will tie in the overall look and the other colours in the room.

See how the wallpaper in this hallway captures the nautical theme of this home?

Contemporary Living Room. Our Vernon painting company has worked on several similar rooms in homes overlooking the lake to extend the relaxed, beachy feel of the setting.  


3. Find balance

This idea is a challenge to articulate, but your eyes know when something in a room feels ‘off.’ Usually, it’s because the physical weight of the accents, furniture, colours or patterns is unbalanced. Check out our post on the top paint trends for 2014 to find some inspiration.

The room below uses a wallpaper thick with pattern and a darker colour. To balance that, the adjoining wall paint, fabric and art is very light and airy.



When you want to add a ‘wow’ factor to your interior, add an accent wall with a wallpaper that boldly compliments and contrasts the paint colours around it. Not sure how to achieve that? Contact our Vernon painters for a FREE colour consultation so you can get professional advice and love your new look. 1-250-938-1244