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Which Paint Colours Bring Productivity? Vernon Painters Suggest the Best Home Office Shades

Posted by on January 27, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Which Paint Colours Bring Productivity? Vernon Painters Suggest the Best Home Office Shades

More and more of us are taking the office home. As our Vernon painters have discovered, having the right colour on the walls is key to productivity and home office happiness.

Whether you work from home full-time, part-time or even just on occasion, it’s important to feel relaxed and ready to work in your space. Plus, you need to be able to turn off the ‘I’m at home’ switch.

What’s the solution? A custom paint colour that suits not just your decor, but your line of work.


Mind work Accountants, lawyers and such

When you need mental stimulation and a colour that will help you focus for hours, blue is the perfect shade for your home office.

Our Vernon painters often recommend blue for any room that requires calm or concentration, but it helps to include small elements of emotional colours such as red and orange to feed your soul as well as your mind while you work.


Creative workDesigners, writers, etc.

A few cans of yellow paint is all your home office needs to spurn creativity. Research has shown yellow, a source of optimism, stimulates your spirit and gives you the confidence to create something out of nothing.


Physical workCarpentry, assembly, artisan work, etc.

What colour will instantly make your heart beat faster and give you the rush you need to get the job done? Red. Since this colour is physically stimulating, it’s perfect for a home office where you need to use your hands and make things.

Contemporary Home Office by Chicago Interior Designers & Decorators Jessica Lagrange. You’d be surprised how often our Vernon painters are asked to paint offices and even bathrooms red.


Over the years, our Vernon painters have been asked to create home offices in almost every shade under the sun. It’s funny that most of the time when homeowners are contemplating colours, they tend to be drawn to the hues that reflect their work.

When you want to increase productivity and put some home into your office, or some office into your home, choose the colour that will stimulate your mind, your hands or your spirit.

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